Founder and Pastry Artist, Melody Anne Lorenzo grew up in the Philippines. Influenced by her mom's catering business, she decided to become her own culinary entrepreneur. In 2002, she emigrated to the Bay Area, and instantly fell in love with the world of decadent, artisanal pastries and desserts. For several years, Melody baked desserts on the side for family and friends. In 2008, inspired by Meg Ray, owner of Miette (her favorite bakery), she registered for her three-day baking course in San Francisco and ultimately was inspired by Meg's passion to be a part of this industry.

In Fall 2017, she decided to take her baking skills to the next level. With the help of Forage Kitchen in Uptown Oakland to provide her with the space she needed, Sweet Condesa was born.

Sweet Condesa specializes in handcrafted, micro-pastries and desserts using locally sourced ingredients featuring classic flavors with signature modern twists on Filipino and Latin desserts!